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How To Win At An Auction

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Are you planning to buy surplus equipment in an auction? Are you wondering how you can be successful at it? Well, you might have a large budget but you might not have an idea what your competitor has. The best tip here is to make sure that the other bidders know that you are committed and are richer than them. You should make them believe that you are willing to outbid them at every chance. You must be wondering how you can achieve this. Here are some useful tips to improve your chances of success at any auction.

1. What’s Your Budget?

Before the auction starts, you need to know your budget. You need to be prepared to bid up to your limit with as much confidence as possible.

2. Always Be Seen And Heard

When bidding, make sure you have positioned yourself in such a way that the auctioneer can hear and see you easily.

3. Be The First Off The Mark

Right from the start, you need to be involved in the auction. When the auctioneer requests for an opening bid, you should raise your hand first and state your offer. You should make a firm and confident bid. Now, you have announced to the competition that you are ready to buy the item on auction.

4. Be Extremely Persistent

Next, the auctioneer will call for other bids from the crowd. However, you need to be prepared for the next step. If someone bids against you, it’s important to make another bid immediately. Announce your next bid as soon as you hear their bid to avoid any delays.

5. Be Aggressive

Yes, if you are aggressive during the auction, your competitors will not be tempted to outbid you. There might be a little delay in their responses but you should always be prepared when it happens. When your competitor makes a bid, you should respond immediately.

6. Keep Up Your Game

You should always repeat your confident and active bidding style anytime someone bids. Don’t get caught up in the game and forget your budget limit.

What To Avoid When Bidding

  • Avoid consulting with your partner or delaying in any way before making a bid. If you do this, your competitors will know that you are feeling the pressure and are reaching your limit. You should have a strategy before you bid and do it confidently.
  • Don’t be the first one to reduce the value of your bid. Keep the bids increasing in amounts without crossing your limit. You don’t want your competitors to know that you are close to your limit.

Try these tips for a successful auction!

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