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MasterBuilt Gravity Series Barbecues – One of the Most Sold Barbecues at BBQs 2U

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BBQs 2U is one of the biggest barbecue retailers in the UK. It has been 2 decades since they are delivering high-quality and well – tested barbecues to their customers.

It is after their years of experience and testing that they have added barbecues from Napoleon BBQs, Ooni Pizza Oven, Kamado Joe Grills, and MasterBuilt to their inventory.

One of the barbecue brands that they recommend repeatedly is Masterbuilt BBQs. The company has created some of the most efficient and user-friendly barbecue designs, ideal for pros and beginners both.

Especially, their recently launched Gravity Series barbecues. There are three editions available in the Gravity Series – 560, 800, and 1050. Even though the basic features of all the barbecues are the same, the available cooking space is different in every model.

The model 560 has the smallest cooking area, while the 1050 model offers the biggest. Depending on their cooking space, the temperature they reach within a few minutes also differs slightly.

Usually, the Gravity Series 560 is ideal for those who love barbecuing with family and friends or say just a small group of people. The barbecue is super sturdy and durable.

With the right type of care, you can expect it to last for years. Also, the company provides a 1-year warranty. So, in case anything goes wrong, you will be covered for the same.

Using the digital control panel, you can set a fixed temperature and cooking time for the barbecue.

The built-in digital fan of the barbecue will maintain a steady temperature throughout the cooking time. This means, your hands are at rest and no manual work is needed to maintain the temperature.

The Gravity Series 560 reaches the whooping temperature of 370°C in just 13 minutes. This is ideal for searing meat, and of course, for slow cooking, you can always control the temperature using the control panel or any smart device that can be connected with WIFI or Bluetooth.

Furthermore, the Gravity Series 560 comes with a Gravity Fed Hopper. This hopper can hold up to 4.5 kgs of charcoal lumps, so you will always have a continuous supply of fuel for the fire. It is estimated that this quantity of charcoal will last for about 12 to 15 hours of cooking.

To understand how the Masterbuilt – Gravity Series 560 barbecue exactly works, you can always refer to the informational videos uploaded by BBQs 2U on their YouTube Channel.

Likewise, you can even follow them on different social media platforms and check out their informational posts.

They are true barbecue lovers and hence regularly post something or the other about their grilling experience and discoveries.

Along with barbecues, BBQs 2U even sells some of the most amazing barbecue rubs and sauces.

The unique and unmatched flavor of these barbecue ingredients will surely make your barbecue night extra special and appetizing.

So, whatever it is that you need if it is connected with outdoor grilling, BBQs 2U is the right place to find it.

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