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Digital Marketing Trends for the Future

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As every year passes, we see innovation and advancement across different walks of life and industry. Each year, a new form of technology is introduced or an existing form is upgraded. The way we walk, talk, eat, drink, exercise, commute, and all other areas of life shift from one form to the other. The dawn of the internet has gone from it being considered some sort of fad to now becoming a driving force for change in the world that we know. There was a time when people thought the internet was something that would burn bright but die young. In 2022, it’s safe to say that these people were very wrong. In the modern age, everything from ordering food to starting a business needs nothing more than a computer and an internet connection. If you are on the prowl for a strong and reliable internet connection, Suddenlink has got you covered. Their services are proven to be top-notch and why waste any more time, visit here to step up your connectivity game today.

Among the many different areas that the modern age has revolutionized, marketing is among them. The concept of marketing is a fairly simple one. It involves taking a product or service, creating a campaign that can catch and retain attention, and then proceeding to procure customers. This is an incredibly watered-down form of describing an incredibly complex and diverse area of business. Marketing is not something that has only recently found its footing. As long as mankind has been doing business, they have been marketing. Without it, the likelihood of you succeeding is incredibly low. It all started when tradesmen would announce what they had in store for the day and how much it would cost.

As time passed, the world became more advanced and we are currently at the peak of what mankind can currently achieve. If history is anything to go by, we will know that there will almost certainly be some sort form of change in the future. For the time being, let us explore what is currently going on and what the foreseeable future holds.

Marketing – The Present and the Future

After the COVID-19 pandemic, life as we know has changed across the board. We now look at things much differently compared to the past. There was once a time when we lived more carelessly, not paying too much heed to health and other areas of life. The concept of remote work was limited to freelancers and e-commerce was growing steadily. However, almost two years of lockdowns and uncertainty has changed things.

Working from home, becoming a digital nomad, and social distancing is becoming more commonplace than it ever was. People are warier of the world they are in and this has also impacted the way that marketing is now done. This article will touch on the different marketing trends that have been developed from new as well as older trends being optimized for the future.

Video Marketing

In a tale as old as time, video content has always been preferred over any other form. One video has the power to do a lot more than any number of articles and pictures. It is a combination of different forms of media presented in a pretty package that people will eat up. It started with ads on TV that would play between breaks or after a movie was over. When the internet took off, YouTube provided the entire world with a means to create videos on just about everything under the sun. This birthed the idea of using video in digital marketing strategies.

In recent times, TikTok has come into the market and cemented itself as a major player among the titans. The platform introduced short-form content, audio editing tools, and a slew of other features. Since it is short-form, one does not need to maintain a consistent amount of attention as one would with long-form videos. Furthermore, the main demographic on TikTok is millennials and Gen-Z which is people from 13-30. This is a massive audience with significant influence over the world that we live in. it is important to use such platforms for marketing because they have incredibly large audiences that can get the word across a lot quicker than other channels.

Unsurprisingly, TikTok has completely changed the way users consume video content. It has shortened the attention span of the viewer and the portrait orientation also plays a big part in the experience. Such was its influence that Instagram has also followed in its steps and released its ‘reels.’

Data-Driven Marketing

In an era dominated by big data, it comes as no surprise that data-driven marketing strategies are all the rave. When you take information from the consumer, generated in real-time, and use it to tailor campaigns to better suit the audiences they are targeting. There have been more methods for you to acquire data about your audience and customers. Almost all social media platforms allow you to monitor analytics, see what demographic is interacting, and how different posts are performing. Using all this information, it is incredibly simple to know what the customers like and dislike, what they are talking about, and what the latest trends in the market are.

When you know what makes the customer tick, you will know how to leverage your resources. For example, if the data shows that the color red is all the rave, you will use red in your marketing campaign. This will garner their attention and allow you to be more effective. Being an effective marketer becomes a very real possibility when you use data-driven marketing processes.

Influencer Marketing

Social media has birthed the concept of online influencers. An influencer is someone who has a sizeable audience and their word is often followed by followers. These influencers are known as such because of the influence that they command over their audience who are often devoted fans of their favorite content creator. There are several different niches out there to choose from, each with a separate demographic that is a fan of the person.

As a marketer, it would greatly benefit you if you were to leverage this gold mine of exposure. One of the biggest benefits of using influencer marketing is the established audience. For example, if you sell Almond milk, your ideal type of influencer would be a cooking or fitness influencer. Their audience is ideal to market almond milk too because 1. It is a staple among vegans 2. It is a welcome alternative to dairy and is more fattening. If you run an online education platform, you can market to educational influencers or others that promote similar content.

Influencer marketing has been around as long as social media has grown into the behemoth it is. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok have thousands of influencers across a wide range of niches to choose from. As a marketer, one wonders about the costs associated with this. Naturally, the larger an audience, the more it will cost to market a product to them. A beauty influencer with 5 million YouTube subscribers will charge a lot more than an Instagram influencer with 30 thousand followers. The latter is known as a micro-influencer because their following is smaller compared to the big wigs.

Quality Content

The saying that content is king often rings true across all forms. You cannot create the longest, most researched piece of content but if it isn’t presented well or it feels uneventful, people will not consume it. When it comes to marketing, a brand needs to focus on creating a piece of content that the audience can relate to, resonate with, laugh at, or feel some form of connection. People will forget what they see or read but they won’t forget how they felt when they saw your ad. For example, if an ad has a humorous touch or a wholesome interaction, every time a customer sees the ad they will feel the same way as they did when they saw the ad. This is how the human mind works and what needs to be leveraged if you want to create an effective marketing campaign. There is no better way for a brand to capture an audience other than to create a bond or relationship with them. The moment a relationship is established, the customer will feel like there is something they can relate to.

Content is king and also refers to the readily available exposure that a brand must maintain. Unless your produce belongs to an ultra-specific niche, there is almost certainly going to be competition. This competition might already have the best marketing practices at work for them and even if you have a superior product, they are doing a better job of showing it to people. What does this mean? Your customers, existing and new, both need to see your brand for it to transform into a purchase. To ensure this, make sure you do your research to see which platforms your target demographic is on the most. After, try to find different ways to leverage the different tools these platforms offer. For example, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have incredibly customizable advertisement options. Quality content along with consistent posting will do wonders for your brand and sales.

The Metaverse

This might seem a little controversial at first but the power of the metaverse must not be taken for granted. In the present, the metaverse may seem like a gimmick but there was a time when the internet was considered a fad that would fizzle out. In the present, the metaverse is still trying to find its footing, ironing out the details, and trying to find a grip for itself.

In the simplest words, the metaverse is an online world where people can interact akin to the real world. It is a replacement for the world we live in allowing for communities to grow and people to interact with each other. Does that sound familiar? This is quite common in many different video games across the gaming world. However, the way the metaverse differs is that it serves to be a virtual rendition of the world we know and live in. There will be real people behind each character, they will use real money to make purchases, and one can also exchange digital assets similar to how they would in the real world.

What does this mean? A group of people in the USA, Brazil, France, Pakistan, and Australia could all be in one place, interacting with each other and carrying out transactions amongst each other. An important aspect of the metaverse to note is its perpetually evolving nature. Similar to the real world, the metaverse can undergo evolution with new people coming in, new developments, and a changing landscape. Using technology such as VR and AR, the metaverse can be used to market products and services unlike they have ever been before. The metaverse must not be neglected and while it is still in its infancy, the way things are going is incredibly promising.


The term omni-channel is another name for multichannel. In the simplest of words, this means one must leverage all platforms that are available to ensure maximum exposure. All major platforms have millions or even billions of users online at any time. Moreover, omni-channel also includes physical locations where adequate exposure is possible. At the end of the day, omni-channel is all about having as many eyes as possible seeing your ad. When more people see it, more people interact with it, and the chances for that interaction to become a sale or at the very least, a lead goes up.

Another important consideration is safety. For example, hypothetically if Facebook decides to close down its entire business, it will take down Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp with it. What then? You are left with nothing. However, if you adopted an omni-channel approach, you would’ve had a combination of different social media platforms along with a physical presence to work with. For example, if you sell crockery online then Facebook and Instagram are good ways to begin. You can find different groups of like-minded enthusiasts and market the product to them. Once you begin to gain enough traction, a dedicated store on Shopify is an ideal destination. Your marketing team can go on to market this new store across different channels. This way, you have your social media customer base, your dedicated website, and traffic coming in from different places.

We must avoid putting all our eggs in one basket.

Content Segmentation

When planning a marketing campaign, you have two options to choose from. You can either market to the masses or you can market to a specific demographic that will get your product. For example, when marketing cooking oil, you can either market it to the masses or you can only market it to the culinary industry and people who enjoy cooking. This comes down to your marketing goals which could vary from one brand to the next. Both approaches are unique in their own right with different outcomes but with marketing at the core. If your goal is to have as many people as possible seeing your product, the masses are where to go. If your product range is for a select few individuals, go for the second approach.

Next, you must decide what sort of segmentation you want in the type of marketing. Do you want to make an all-digital campaign? Do you want it to be physical? Will it be hybrid? There are several approaches that one can follow and a marketing campaign can be created based on your goals with relative ease. With the tools available in 2022, marketing has never been easier and there has never been more choice to go around.

Artificial intelligence

Finally, AI has also entered the fold of marketing. Artificial intelligence is slowly infiltrating every aspect of our lives with each becoming smarter and more informed. The beauty of AI is its ability to create insights, identify trends from these insights, and then aid in decision-making from them. Using AI, it is possible for a marketer, to monitor metrics such as site traffic, clicks, engagement, and others. This allows for better-planned campaigns.

Moreover, AI makes the process of automation almost effortless so you can deploy an entire campaign using a service such as Buffer almost on its own. All you need to do is add the media and text, schedule it, and when the time comes, watch it fly or fall. For example, a streaming service can use AI to see which pieces of content are doing well and which aren’t. This allows them to adjust their methods to accommodate them better. On that topic, DIRECTV has some delightful high-value packages for you to choose from. Click here to see what they have to offer!


As long as there is buying and selling, there will be marketing. Sometimes marketing is done for awareness, other times it is done to push for a sale to be made. In both instances, there is a lot more than we can imagine. Using modern technology and keeping the latest trends in mind, we can do wonders with marketing. The trends in this article are a combination of existing trends evolving along with new technologies being used.

The beauty of the modern age is the level of convenience that brings. One can design a marketing campaign using their phone, laptop, and internet connection. AT&T INTERNET  can make this even simpler by offering an incredibly strong, stable, and speedy internet connection for you.

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