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Effective Ways to Boost Conversions

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If you run an online platform for your business, you must have tried many strategies to drive traffic to your website. Some of these strategies may have been publishing blogs for your target audience or promoting video content on YouTube and Instagram. However, you may have found yourself facing a situation where your leads are not being converted into sales, despite your best efforts.

Website conversion rate is an important metric for all businesses, no matter what their size. There is no point in running a business if you can’t attract buying customers. For marketers, it is essential to remove barriers that prevent your website from generating traffic. The first thing to look into is why people who visit your website are not clicking on the purchase button. There may be several reasons behind this: your website may have a flawed design, is not very user-friendly, or doesn’t display all the necessary information.

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Once you know what is wrong with your website, you can start working on strategies to cater to these issues. Here are a few ways you can improve the conversion rate on your website.

Use Good CTAs

CTAs play a critical role in sales conversions. A CTA could mean multiple things. It could mean sharing a social media post, getting a subscription to a newsletter, or placing an order online. No matter what the CTA might be, you need to place them strategically on your website and social media feeds. They need to be positioned where they will be easily visible so they can be accessed by your audience.

As a rule of thumb, each landing page of your website should have at least one CTA mentioned multiple times. For example, in a blog, your CTAs can be included thrice.It may be included right after the introduction, halfway through the post after scrolling down the content, and finally towards the conclusion of your blog.

Make Your Forms Shorter

We live in a fast-paced world. People like to get done with their transactions quickly. When people make online purchases, there is often a form that purchasers have to fill out at the checkout page. Try to limit the number of questions in this form. Also, try to not make these questions lengthy. Excessively wordy questions are annoying for purchasers to read through. So having a form that is easy to read will help in getting you better sales conversions.

Add Live Chat

Anyone making a purchase, online or otherwise, will have queries that they will require answers to. Having a live chat option will make it possible for people who visit an online store to ask questions regarding the product or service they are seeking to purchase. Without an option to ask questions, people will abandon the shopping cart without completing the purchase cycle.

Demonstrate Social Proof

As per surveys, up to 97 percent of customers factor in customer reviews into their buying decision, and up to 92 percent of them hesitate to complete a purchase if there are no previous customer reviews.  Given these stats, it is safe to say that your online presence and reputation significantly impact your conversion rate. This is why you should include social proof on your site.

You can add reviews and testimonials on your site so visitors don’t have to view a third-party site to read what previous customers think about your brand and the products or services it offers. You can also add links to your directory pages like Yelp where customers have left reviews.

Summing Up

Running an online business is of no use if people who visit your website do not end up buying anything. Maintaining a high sales conversion rate is key to running a successful online business. Hopefully, the tips mentioned here will allow your online business to flourish.

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